Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Jackasses Called “Journalists” And Anti- Catholic Hate

“Andrew MacDougall, another former Harper aide, wrote a column for Maclean’s that characterized Scheer’s campaign platform as ‘thin gruel served up by a man who wouldn’t stand out in a crowd if he showed up to a Pride parade dressed as a Catholic priest.’”

The Jackasses called journalists are still braying their hate
Andrew Scheer’s catholicism is their target, and him daily they berate
What has Scheer done to some people, and Trudeau’s paid media mobs?
His “crime” is: not marching with pride if he wants, “A Political Job”

They would not dare attack any other religion, the way they attack Catholics
These despicable, bigoted, hateful, biased, people are filthy fanatics
Cringing cowards using Trudeau’s taxpayers’ funded platforms of hate
You can see some of them sniggering, and giggling, as they in scrums debate

Even if Scheer capitulates and parades with the obscene and naked bums
That would still not be enough for this dirty, filthy, media scum
Their agenda and others of similar devious and treacherous ways
 Are out to destroy him, his family, and his character in all kinds of ways

To get elected in Canada this is the “new noxious normal”
And a person must participate either naked or formal
Undressed or dressed is okay as long as one participates
The media will “expose” them, if anyone dares to refuse, or abnegate

The media and others are the “new morality police” of this depraved land
A person running for office must support all perversions and abortion on demand
Euthanasia is also a deadly must support, and another sick media promotion
“Medically” murdering humans is now acceptable in every location

This is a country, I believe is now terminally sick, and perverted
Where the abnormal is now “normal” and ethics are deserted
Where “strategists” and “analysts” along with media nihilists
Are all hateful propagandists with the jackasses called, “journalists”

“Disturbingly, more and more parents are bringing young children to watch the parade, exposing them to provocative displays of sexuality that no child should witness. If a politician believes in family values, why would he or she want to be associated with such debauchery?”
Josh Dehaas, June 12, 2018, National Post.

Stephen J. Gray
November 28, 2019.

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