Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Anti-Catholic Bigoted Media

The anti-catholic media are having a field day
Bad mouthing Catholics in various ways
Their latest target is Andrew Scheer
Attacking him with a media pointed spear

Their word weapons are assaulting him
Because he had an election second place win
Even though he won more electoral votes
They bring up their issues to promote

Same sex marriage is one of their issues
And killing by abortion is another of their “values”
Pride parades is another media declared must
If Scheer won’t march they create a fuss

Now they are assaulting Scheer’s Catholic religion
They want him to confess what is a “sin” in his opinion?
These hypocrite media and their biased catholic hate
Would not dare attack any other religion to alienate

They are despicable cowards that feed off taxpayers’ money
Could some of them be part of the secret handshake bullies?
Could some also, be members of the “brotherhood” and the “Klans”?
Because they seem to have too much power in this bigoted land

Are they Trudeau’s bought and paid for media monsters?
They took taxpayers’ monies, are they Trudeau’s word doctors?
Catholics are taxpayers too, yet are subjected to media phobia
Is Catholics tax money, used against them, by the bigoted anti-catholic media?

Stephen J. Gray
November 9, 2019

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