Thursday, November 7, 2019

Is There Dissension in Tory Ranks?

“Conservative caucus members attending a post-election meeting in Ottawa on Wednesday voted against deploying a provision in federal law that would have allowed them to begin the process of ousting Andrew Scheer as party leader.”
Peter Zimonjic, November 6, 2019.

“Conservative official: We should have dragged Scheer to a Pride parade. That hurt us in the GTA. Abortion hurt us in Quebec; same-sex marriage hurt us in the GTA.”

“Kory Teneycke, a former director of communications for former prime minister Stephen Harper and campaign manager for Ontario Premier Doug Ford, said Sunday on CTV's Question Period that Scheer will have ‘big problems’ with voters if his position on same-sex marriage remains one that voters are increasingly equating with bigotry
‘In terms of actually being successful in being elected to be the prime minister of the country, I think it's a deal-stopper,’ he said.”

“Former Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay has said that he believes women were dissuaded from voting for the party because of ‘nervousness’ around Scheer's social conservatism.” Ryan Flanagan, November 4, 2019.

“But the unseemly spectacle of Conservatives now pretending they had no idea of who Scheer was when they elected him in 2017 is not only intellectually dishonest, it exposes their party as a nest of vipers lusting for a messiah (Peter MacKay…seriously?) who can return them to power.
“They might as well be Liberals.” Lorrie Goldstein, November 2, 2019.

Andrew Scheer was, and is constantly bombarded with questions on abortion, same-sex marriage, and pride parades.  If I were him I would start telling it like it is, instead of succumbing to the politically correct media and those in the conservative party that appear to be out to undermine him. Even though some of them pretend they support him. If I were him this is what I would say:

Dear Andrew Scheer If I were you
This is what I would say and do
I would tell those that scream “freedom of choice”
“I will not support this type of killing with my voice”
I would tell those in the biased media and in the party as well
“I will allow people to speak about abortions’ destructive hell”
I would tell them I have had enough of their crap and lies
“I will try to put an end to this atrocity where an innocent child dies”
I would tell them again as you have done repeatedly
“I will not march in pride parades with their naked obscenities”
I would tell them regarding so-called same –sex marriage
“I will not give credence to an act that is not the real package”
I would tell them God created man and woman together
“I will say I believe other types of couplings are a human disorder”
I would tell them I will not support euthanasia in our land
“I would tell them legalized killing is sick and needs to be banned”
I would tell them this once great land had gone to Pot
“I will roll back this legalization of a drug that brings mind rot”
I will expose government mandated sex educated perversions in the schools
“I will put an end to this forced filth by those that rule”
Finally I would tell those that support society’s destruction.
“I will fight your diabolical agendas with satisfaction”
You people, I believe are sick, and need to admit that you have problems
“Instead you pretend you are the ones that have all the wisdom”

There is something very wrong in this country when anyone seeking public office must capitulate to the politically correct on certain issues, and must suppress their own free speech in favour of those imposing their views on society. This is not only hypocrisy but a violation of a person’s freedom of expression.  I believe the views listed below show the diabolical and sick state of discourse in Canada today.

“Rules for Seeking Political Office in Canada”


Rule 1: Must support “The Right to Choose” to kill the pre-born child, should this child be unwanted. Must not have had “anti-choice” views on abortion, at any time in one’s life, if you did have, said views, you must declare them immediately.

Rule 2: Must not have pro-life views on the abortion issue, must declare if you have pro-life views, that you will suppress them should you get elected to political office. Must also constantly say: “You will never allow abortion to be raised in Parliamentary discussions by anyone that is pro-life, or allow this issue on the floor of parliament

Rule 3: Must support “same-sex marriage” and must never have criticized it. Must say: “You will never use the not-withstanding clause in the land’s Charter on this type of marriage”

Rule 4: Must walk in “Pride parades” must never have refused to march in said parades. Also it would be helpful if one does participate in this parade, going naked would be acceptable. Mind you this is just a suggestion to show your solidarity.

Rule 5: Must allow your children to be taught mandated government sexual perversions in the schools. And must state you will protect and support these government policies.

Rule 6: Must support euthanasia and must ensure that the killing of the sick and elderly will always be available, and if need be, expanded to others in society, if there is a pressing need.

Rule 7: Must have these “mainstream values” above which are supported by most of the media and the establishment elites....

In closing I would say to those that have an agenda to curtail free speech and free expression on certain issues in this country, the quote below I believe sums up what is happening in Canada today.
“There is nothing politically right that is morally wrong” - Daniel O’Connell

Stephen J. Gray
November 7, 2019

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