Friday, December 20, 2019

A Christmas Ode to the Bloody War Criminals

As you send Christmas Cards to each other with hands covered in blood
Life for you villains is luxurious, but we know what’s behind your facades
Millions are dead and millions are homeless because of your depredations
You people are responsible for the destruction of a number of victim nations

You murdered, bombed, slaughtered and killed members of the human race
You voted for these endless wars and you all are a bloody freaking disgrace
You sit in parliaments and congresses with fancy titles to your names
You are the satanic helpers of Satan that set many countries aflame

Scumbags of the earth that meet with each other on the world stage
But, there will be a day of reckoning and nobody will pay you homage
There is an old saying that eventually: “You reap what you sow”
Justice is waiting, but it will come for you, but when we don’t know

You and your corporate helpers that profited from weapons of death
Many people are refugees and these wandering people have nothing left
Their homes and families slaughtered, and destroyed, and their countries too
All these people are waiting for justice and they are not, just a few

But when it does come, you will pay for your crimes against humanity
Because your victims are waiting for justice from all your depravities
There will be no escape when the tide eventually starts turning, as it surely will
There are too many families that are victims, and are mourning, and have had their fill

So as you war criminals greet each other in this happy season of the year
There are other people because of your actions living in poverty and fear
There is no peace on earth, because of all your killing and war funerals
All these words in this poem are for you: An ode to you, bloody war freaking criminals

So much corruption, so many people dead
So many wars, so many lies we are fed
So many war criminals in positions of power
So many countries, these villains destroyed and devoured...

Stephen J. Gray
December 20, 2019.

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