Thursday, March 19, 2020

Are They Preparing The Serfs to Accept the New World Order?

Are they preparing the serfs to accept the New World Order?
Is the Covid-19 virus, their diabolical plan, and a cover?
The masses have surrendered their freedoms, to move, and associate
They have accepted, and believe, what they are told to date

Trillions and billions of taxpayers dollars are promised to "help"
As the economy goes in the dumpster and starts to melt
The governments of the world pay homage to the bankers
Now we know who are really our "providers" and "masters"

It appears that money can be printed and produced at will
Was the stock market really a con game and brought to a standstill?
Is the Covid-19 virus just a severe flu, and being used as a diversion?
For control of the people, and to make them accept propaganda as information?

Make no mistake something evil has been set loose upon this planet
And people everywhere are becoming prisoners, and a world wide target
Are we being herded and managed, into accepting a new kind of structure?
Is the Covid-19 Virus, a globalist plan for acceptance, of the New World Order?

Stephen J. Gray
March 19,2020.

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