Friday, March 20, 2020

Court Martial COVID-19

The head of the military had his army on parade
"Men there is a deadly virus infecting us, I am afraid
We are unable to go abroad to invade and bomb and kill
This unfeeling treacherous disease has invaded us against our will

It has prevented us from doing what we do daily, and what we do best
Destroying countries and reducing them to rubble in the Middle East
Therefore, as our work has been interrupted by a Virus that is unseen
It is better that we stand down for now, and perhaps clean the latrines

So let us go about our work and clean our out-houses for now
Later on if the sh-t hits the fan, we can take a well deserved bow
There will be medals supplied for keeping a stiff upper lip
And for all you brave fellows under my command for cleaning up our sh-t

I have been thinking after this Virus has been defeated
We could have a victory parade, and go back to work elated
All of us ready with our bombs, missiles and guns, and very, very, keen
To obey orders to bomb and kill: But, I just wish, we could Court Martial COVID-19"

Stephen J. Gray
March 20, 2020.

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