Saturday, August 20, 2016

Come Join Us

Come join us, and we will give you a free uniform
We will teach you to kill and you will be transformed
We will teach you to obey, and carry out orders
Even if they are wrong, and could be called murder

Come join us, as we kill children with drones
Kill their parents too and destroy their homes
The “rule of law and human rights,” does not apply
When we send corporate made hellfire, down from the sky

We will train you to bomb and invade other countries
Destroying them completely, as corporate cannibals make money
You will help them make their obscene bloodstained profits
As you fight and perhaps die, amidst exploding rockets

War is a game and it needs you to participate
You are the “boots on the ground” the servants of the state
You will help create refugees and hell upon earth
Conditioned to obey: for all that is bloody “worth”!

You will “own the podium” in these “games of war”
While others get baubles on the Olympic shores
The masses need “bread and circuses” to divert their attention
As you kill, bomb and maim in other directions

Still, orders are orders and you are willing to serve
As the think tanks, the politicians and the corporations observe
Like the people you kill, you are disposable too
Are you in the hands of a sick hellish crew?

They have been known to finance both sides in war
But they don’t take part in all the atrocities and gore
They need you to do their dirty work without any fuss
So please, please hurry, and come and join us

Stephen J. Gray
August 20, 2016.

Articles of interest at links below:

“Nearly 130,000 U.S. troops have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and vastly more have experienced brain injuries. Over 1,700 have undergone life-changing limb amputations. Over 50,000 have been wounded in action. As of Wednesday, 6,656 U.S. troops and Defense Department civilians have died.”