Friday, August 5, 2016

The Land Where Debauchery is “Good”

There is a land where debauchery is politically friendly and “good”
People march in summer parades and some are totally nude
The parades are led by “dignitaries” and “honourable” politicians too
The “leader” of the land takes part, and leads this motley crew

The media also participate and promote the parades on the “news”
Should their headlines be: “The promotion of bare bottom views"?
The police are also marching and taking in the scene
At one time people walking naked, were charged with being obscene

Has the “law” become debauched, and a disgrace to law and order?
Is the land’s “finest” now suffering from a perverted lawless disorder?
Or do some marchers have special status and immunity from prosecution?
Because the “leader” of the land is praising the participants and giving them absolution!

How can people be arrested for walking totally naked?
If the leader of the land is in the parade and feeling very elated
Oh well, at least he keeps his clothes on even though he’s verbose
Is this just a case of a “political emperor” having no clothes?

Is gross nakedness in public now called a “community” of “diversity”?
When at one time this obscene behaviour was called, a flaunting of perversity
Should innocent children really be in any parades of “adult” nakedness?
Does the “leader” of the land and his followers have no shame left?

Still, one must not criticize a land that’s already going to pot
The “leader” is a “poll” star and rated very “hot”
He holds a position of power, and is one “sunny dude”
And he presides over a land, where debauchery is really “good”

Stephen J. Gray
August 5, 2016.