Monday, August 1, 2016

The Harridan from Hell

The Harridan from hell is hoping to rule
Praised and applauded by many a fool
Supported by media and other “war criminals” in power
The Harridan awaits her chance to “flower”

If she should keep “blooming” in her evil domain
The harvest of her production will be bloody and insane
The hellish killing and slaughter will continue unabated
The Harridan from hell can never be satiated

She will be aided and abetted by other devils from hell
The profiteers of destruction and the killers as well
From womb to tomb the blood will run red
A gathering of criminals that creates many dead

She has been called a “war criminal” and a “murderer” as well
And is accused of aiding the earth’s plunderers that create hell
Fortunes are being made with her sick approval
And she takes contributions without any scruples

Hell on earth continues with the Harridan in control
She will spell more ruination for many a soul
 Many more countries will be laid waste
To satisfy this Harridan of the “human race”

The “rule of law” does not apply to her
No penalties or jail time does she incur
Does evil rule and is justice dead?
Is this what happens when decency has fled?

Hearing her cries and shrieks for war
The people of the earth will see more gore
This “angel of death” has evil to sell
Can anyone stop the Harridan from Hell?

Stephen J. Gray
August 1, 2016.

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