Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Power of the Virus

The power of the virus called Covid-19 
Has the war criminals worried is that obscene? 
They are worried for their brainwashed troops 
Now that this virus is running amok and loose 

What if their armies cannot bomb and kill? 
What if their orders cannot be fulfilled? 
What if they cannot drill or march? 
Has this virus made illegal wars, a sick and obscene farce? 

What if orders that must be obeyed 
Cannot be carried out on a “sick parade”? 
Will their generals suffer from war withdrawal? 
If their troops are unable to obey and follow 

Will NATO have to declare its “Article Five”? 
And tell its allies they all must live and survive 
Will orders go out that they must not become infectious? 
Will armies be defeated by the power of the Covid-19 virus? 

“The head of the neoconservative Atlantic Council wrote an editorial this week urging NATO to pass an Article 5 declaration of war against the COVID-19 virus!” Ron Paul, March 16, 2020. 
Stephen J. Gray 
March 17, 2020.  

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