Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Does This Information Make You Sick?

Does governments using our tax dollars in illegal wars?
Make you feel guilty about their war crimes on foreign shores?
Millions of people are dead, and millions are refugees
Many are drowning and dying in the Mediterranean Sea

Their countries and homes have been reduced to rubble
Paid for with our tax dollars: we funded their troubles
Our "leaders" even used chemical weapons on Syria
Then blamed its government, for this hellish horror

What kind of governments would help and train terrorists?
Then allow some of the terrorists to live among us
What kind of governments that rule, and control our freedoms?
Would sell weapons that kill children in Yemen: Are they demons?

Now these war criminals are dictating to us about COVID-19
After they have killed millions, in their diabolical war schemes
They have committed crimes against humanity that are horrific
Surely thinking people must ask themselves: Does this information make you sick?

Stephen J. Gray
March 25, 2020.

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