Tuesday, March 10, 2020

There is a Killer Virus...

There is a killer virus loose in the Houses of Power 
It is eating the brain cells of those supposedly “clever” 
They have slaughtered millions in planned illegal wars 
They do not have any consciences, regret, or any remorse  

They have “right honourable” and “honourable”in front of their names 
They parade and posture on the world stage, and have no shame 
If there was a real “justice system” they all would be arrested 
These war criminal bandits are diabolical, and with evil infested 

They have created millions of refugees, that are fleeing their depredations 
They have bombed and destroyed countries in a number of victim nations 
Their headquarters is a billion dollar safe haven, paid for with taxpayers dollars 
A place of evil, for planning invasions, attacks, and other war horrors 

They have reportedly been financing and training jihadis, and other terrorists 
While pretending that they are fighting these deadly dangerous antagonists 
They even have armies obeying their sick and treacherous commands 
To kill, bomb, maim, destroy, and degrade, innocent people in their own lands 

Can these past and present “rulers” be trusted in anything that they do? 
Are we in the hands of a corrupt, demented, and traitorous crew? 
They are destroying all that is good, and human life that is precious 
There is an evil at work, and it is a deadly, and brain diseased killer virus 

Stephen J. Gray 
March 10, 2020.  

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