Friday, March 27, 2020

Shutting Down the World

They are shutting down the world, and the people are no longer free
They are shutting down the world, by governments, that imposed decrees
They say it's for peoples' safety, and to stop the spread of the virus, called "COVID-19"
But, they did not shut the world down, when millions are slaughtered by wars, that are obscene

Instead the "honourable leaders," that rule in many "democratic countries"
Bombed and killed, murdered and maimed, millions of the human species
Many other millions are now homeless and are refugees as well
Many are now victims of the COVID-19 virus, in countries that are a rubble strewn hell

First, the war criminals destroyed these peoples' countries, where once they had jobs
Now the COVID-19 virus is raging among them, and they can only cry and sob
They have no homes or money, no places to live or work, and nothing to celebrate
They are the ignored victims of the ruling war criminals, that are bloody degenerate

Can people anywhere believe, these war criminal "leaders," that dictate and rule?
Do they think we are all stupid, do they believe we are docile fools?
If these war criminal "leaders," have no ethics or morals, and are totally unprincipled?
Can they be trusted to tell us the truth about the Virus: That is shutting down the world?

Stephen J. Gray
March 27, 2020.

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