Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Tragedies of Militarism

The tragedies of militarism are destruction and death
Countries destroyed and the people still alive, wept
Their homes reduced to piles of smoking rubble
Now they are homeless, with misery and trouble

Invaders bombed and came to their countries
Their sovereignty was trashed in vicious effrontery
Criminal wars perpetrated by deadly war criminals
They claimed to be “good guys,” but are they animals?

Iraq was laid waste because of a nefarious lie
“Weapons of mass destruction” was the war criminals cry
Now that country is a hellhole of killing and violence
And those that caused it all hide and cower, in their silence

Libya was another war crime, called “bringing democracy”
Its people were better off, before the arrival of western hypocrisy
Now that country too, is a haven for bloodthirsty terrorists
All brought about by NATO bombings and war criminals propagandists

Syria also was a target of the war plotters and planners
Regime change was their aim, and “democracy” was their banner
A country was destroyed by western war criminals plotting
And hundreds of thousands died in all the bloody fighting

Afghanistan is another country that never invaded the West
Now killings and war are making a horrific mess
The mother of all bombs (MOAB) was dropped on this land
And a chocolate cake “warrior” thought this was grand
Yemen also is a country of war, bombings, deaths, and killing
Hellish and horrendous, and for the war criminals “fulfilling”
Famine and disease now haunts this poor impoverished land
And misery and death inhabits its now bloodstained sand

These are just some examples of what illegal wars have been bringing
All these countries were better off, before the war criminals invasions and plotting
Now the aforementioned places are victims of villainous barbarism
A “gift” to them that could be called: “The Tragedies of Militarism”

Stephen J. Gray
December 30, 2018.

Note:  Some articles and videos on the internet are being Censored.

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