Monday, December 3, 2018

“Thank You for Your Service”

Thank you for your service, and obeying orders
This shows your obedience to your superior officers
You do as you are told to do, and kill, bomb and maim
An order, is an order in the world of war games

You help to destroy countries that never invaded yours
Blindly following orders, from Madams and Messieurs
Conditioned to obey: stand to attention, and salute
An order, is an order, to obey and quickly execute

You can kill “legally” provided it is an order
Though sometimes an order, is responsible for murder
But that is not your concern, you are told to obey
So just carry on killing: as your principles decay?

The slaughtered children of Yemen, Libya, Syria and Iraq
Many are dead many are maimed, and are traumatized from attacks
All this destruction, death, killing, bloody gore and carnage
This is called, “serving your country” amidst all this hellish damage

None of these countries attacked or invaded us
Yet, we have attacked them, and nobody creates a fuss
Instead “our leaders’” in positions of power send you to do the fighting
And you obey their orders and bomb and kill, while your leaders do the inciting

Imagine if it was your children killed in illegal wars
How would you feel, would that leave you scarred?
Some of you are sadly dead and some of you are maimed
Is it really worth it to join these armies of the warmongers and the insane?

Stephen J. Gray
December 3, 2018.

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