Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Feminist/Man

In the land of the feminist/man
Is he/she destroying the country?
As fast as he/she can
He/she tweeted, come to our land
And so they came illegally: isn’t that grand? 

So they came in their thousands and were put up in hotels
And the feminist/man thought he/she was doing very well
Meanwhile the homeless residents of this welcoming land
Lived on the streets and many needed food banks: you understand

No hotels for them, or no caring tweets
They were the land’s homeless with no place to sleep
Still, the feminist/man was giving away billions of dollars
To places overseas, while in the homeland, there was poverty, drugs, and squalor

Some people were dumpster diving to eke out a living
While the feminist/man, the taxpayers was billing
Some thinking people thought the country was going to pot
But, the feminist/man, by some, was said to be hot

He/she was a “rock star” and a “hottie” some media declared
Meanwhile, the countries taxpayers were starting to get scared
Was there no end to the foolishness of this feminist/man?
Could the country survive, he/she, and his ruling clan?

Still, even if the feminist/man is eventually replaced
Will another impostor arrive, sporting a new face?
Politically correct, and agreeable, with a say anything stand
Will anything change in the land of the feminist/man?

Stephen J. Gray
December 19, 2018.
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