Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nonsenseland Gets a New Leader and Other News

A new leader had been voted into power in Nonsenseland. The old leader was voted out of office, and was now in partial seclusion somewhere near by. Now that he was gone, his followers who at one time were speech challenged had now found their voices, and were now speaking out on various issues. Where once they were tongue tied they were now tongue applied. There was no stopping their tongue wagging exuberance to finally voice their opinions, now that their gag happy boss was gone. Or as somebody supposedly said: “Now that the big fat cat has gone away, the political mice have come out to play.”

Now they are playing at politics on the opposition benches, while the new ruler spouts his “sunny ways” and “real change.”  Meanwhile, the country is going to pot, and Marijuana is going to be legalized. The judges are on a constant high on the highest court in the land and they issued an ultimatum to the government that a new law must be brought in so that people could be legally killed if they so desired. The elected politicians scurried and hurried to carry out the commands of the unelected, politically appointed, members of the judiciary and formed a committee to make sure this judicial bill to kill would be in place and carried out. Nonsenseland was constantly living up to its name and some people in the land would soon die under the new “assisted” killing rules. In fact it was reported that a judge had given permission for a man to be killed, and that, “The court also ruled the coroner did not need to be notified given that the cause of death was deemed to be his disease, not the lethal drugs he was given” One wonders is this not a case of a coverup of a criminal act by those in positions of power? But hey, in Nonsenseland anything goes!

Another controversy had erupted in the land over billion dollar arm sales to the biggest human head chopping removers in the world. This contract had been approved by the previous government of the dour dictator. Now Sunny Boy, the smiling new leader was defending his government’s support of this contract with the bloody human head removers. He reportedly said that, “he needs to preserve the sanctity of government-approved contracts.” Still, he declared, Nonsenseland believed in the “rule of law.” And its values and principles would not be lost in the shuffle of appeasing the human head choppers. Some people thought perhaps: This is just a one off blunder, amongst many heads lost. Or just a silly pun on no more talking heads.

Still, Sunny Boy, the new head of Nonsenseland was bringing refugees into the country, a nice compassionate move. Unfortunately, when he was in opposition, he had along with the other former leader of the country and most other politicians’ voted to bomb another country that never invaded Nonsenseland. That country was now in hellish chaos and a haven for terrorists, and bloody civil war was raging there. Therefore, one might argue the new leader is now “helping” refugees that he and other politicians helped to create.  Oh well, this is Nonsenseland where the bizarre is acclaimed and hypocrisy is “normal.”

On another matter, the head police force of the country was having a bit of a scandal too, and it was reported that there was, “unwanted sexual touching, bullying and rampant nudity in the workplace” this had supposedly taken place in a law and order environment. Another report said two police members “were reportedly fond of posing completely nude on each other's desks in a purported effort to shock each other; they also allegedly simulated oral sex in the office.” This bizarre behaviour had been reported by conscientious police members, but not much had been done about it, until it was reported in some media. Still, some police have been known to march in parades of the prideful in some cities, as have political leaders and other politicians. Some marchers have been totally naked and nobody had been charged. So is all this; just law and disorder, oops I mean law and order, at “work?” After all, this is Nonsenseland, so is there really a problem? Why should cops be charged with lolling naked on their desks? Why discriminate? Perhaps the land’s “Human Rights Commissars” will have to get involved and help out the police. Or should normal policemen and women who do their duty have to put up with this nonsense in Nonsenseland?

This same police force has reportedly cleared a number of unelected senators in their alleged expenses scandal, where they had been accused of misusing tax-payers funds. Some of the senators it was reported had repaid their expenses. So “alls well that ends well,” and thank goodness for that. Where would Nonsenseland be, without unelected appointed senators to help pass legislation, unelected appointed judges to dictate to politicians, and elected politicians to carry out the orders of the unelected, and punish and tax the masses? Oh well, at least the country has a “living tree” in the Charter of Righteousness, so the country is “going green.” This then, is how “democracy” works in Nonsenseland.  So what could be better than that?

“There is no nonsense so gross that society will not, at some time, make a doctrine of it and defend it with every weapon of communal stupidity.” - Robertson Davies

Stephen J. Gray
March 20, 2016.

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