Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Marketing of Murder in Canada

Murder is coming to Canada. It has been “legally” sanctioned by the country’s Supreme Court. The court’s decision giving an ultimatum to the government of the day that this be done within a certain time frame could be called, “A Supreme Killing Decision.”

The politicians scurried to please their judicial masters and set up a killing committee to decide how this immoral and murderous behaviour could be done.  A number of normal people, recognizing that this disgusting declaration could be a danger to everybody in the country, spoke out. They said, “The Not-withstanding Clause in the Charter of Rights must be used to stop this dictatorial and obscene decision.” Unfortunately, the leader of the land at that time did not appear to have the courage to use this safeguard, nor did the other leaders in parliament either and this is how “Compulsory Killing Comes to Canada”

Thinking people must surely wonder how the Supreme Court of the land can officially pervert the law and open up the country to state-sanctioned murder, and why a majority of politicians would agree with this “respectable” insanity. But hey, when killing people has to be made respectable, the language has to be perverted. Therefore these judicial imposed atrocities had to be marketed “properly.” So the immoral acts were described in most of the media as “physician assisted death.”  “Medical assisted suicide” was another “nice” phrase, as was “assisted dying.” One journalist, though, did describe the real meaning of what was going to be done and said this about the “report”:

Journalist Thomas Walkom with the Toronto Star reported on February 28, 2016 that “The nub of the report is a recommendation that would amend the Criminal Code to let physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists — under special circumstances — kill people.

“Those being killed would be required, in writing if possible, to request their own deaths.” Source:

A country that proposes killing as a solution is surely degrading itself and destroying any morals and ethics it might have. Once “legalized killing” starts, it could advance into all parts of society: Killing for peoples’ organs, killing for inheritances, killing of the unwanted, killing of “useless eaters” and on and on this compulsory evil could progress.
I believe our country is now in a state of ruling madness, and descending ever deeper into the mire of “approved” insanity. Where will it all end and what will be the next “landmark decision” handed down from the “respectable” monsters of madness? For to paraphrase an old saying,

“A country the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

There is no doubt that those who would kill under the banner of “law and order” are, I believe, suffering from some type of madness. How else can one describe this lunacy in a land that boasts a Charter of Rights and Freedoms where the marketing of murder is about to be inscribed in law and the criminal code of Canada subverted to permit murder?

Stephen J. Gray
March 12, 2016.