Saturday, December 1, 2018

Protected Instead of Being Arrested

Arrest the warmongering “leaders” who create havoc around the world
Authorizing bombings and killings these “leaders” should be reviled
Instead we give them fancy titles and homes to park their asses
Will there ever be a day of reckoning and a rise up of the masses?...

The Gang of 20 is gathering in Argentina
Buenos Aries is their two day luxury arena
Dictators, despots and war criminals will be attending
Also child killers and murderers that need apprehending

“Argentina’s capital city will go into a total security shutdown on Thursday as the heads of state of the world’s 20 biggest economies start arriving for the two-day G20 summit, which begins on Friday....
‘Around 22,000 police and security agents will be involved in the vast security operation.”

One could call this “security operation,” protection for, “The Ghouls of the Earth.”

The ghouls of the earth are in control
To the devil they have sold their souls
Creators of chaos, filth and war
Expensively dressed and rotten to their core

The world stage is their platform
Where they shake hands and embrace
You can watch these villains perform
As they murder the human race...

The armies of our resident war criminals are running amok. No country or people are safe. Illegal wars are perpetrated against a number of countries. These villainous vultures of war use the armies of their countries as hit men/slaughterers to attain their hellish objectives. This results in millions of people dead, millions of refugees and bloodstained profits for corporate cannibals that feed off the colossal carnage. Satan rules supreme, and this “Epidemic of Evil,” could be called “The ‘Great Satan’ and His Satanic Gang of War Criminals.”  Or to be gender-inclusive toward the slaughterers, their “work” could also be called, “The Satanic Savages in Suits and Dresses.”  

These “dressed to kill” slaughterers of the human race all have fancy titles to their names, and some are addressed as right honourable, honourable, your excellencies, and other titles designed to give an aura of respectability. Some of them even blame the victims for the horrendous crimes perpetrated upon them, and make excuses for their killers. When, in fact, a number of them should be arrested, dressed in orange prison attire, manacled with chains and charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. Dare one call them “respectable monsters”?

Furthermore, based on multiple sources of evidence available, I believe the question must be asked: “Are War Criminals, Murderers, Torturers, Child Killers, and Terrorist Supporters, Meeting In Buenos Aries”?

Though some of the grovelling sycophants of these people, would probably say: “These are our ‘Allies’”
These are our allies, that murder and maim                    
They slaughter and kill, again and again
Our leaders supply them with tanks and guns
So that they can continue to do, what they have done

They kill innocent children with weapons supplied
They hit a school bus with missiles from the sky
They shoot unarmed protesters, many are killed
Some still alive are maimed and very ill

Our leaders grovel and praise these murderous criminals
They don’t know the meaning of morals or ethical
They are partners in their crimes against humanity
And most of the media covers up their bloody insanity...

There is plenty of evidence that people in positions of power planned and plotted a number of “illegal” wars in “defiance of international law.” Unfortunately, this information is suppressed and censored in most of the corporate monopoly media. Instead we are fed propaganda that attempts to disguise the truth, and covers up the massive human suffering caused by the warmongering criminals of these 21st century war crimes. This has resulted in the creation of millions of refugees, many soldiers dead and maimed, countries destroyed, millions dead, children dead and contaminated, and the war criminals are FREE.

Finally, one has to ask: “ Is this the ‘democracy’ of the depraved”?

"[I]n such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of
thinking people, not to be on the side of the executioners." – Albert Camus

Stephen J. Gray
December 1st, 2018.

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