Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Gang of 20 (G20) in Buenos Aries

The Gang of 20 is gathering in Argentina
Buenos Aries is their two day luxury arena
Dictators, despots and war criminals will be attending
Also child killers and murderers that need apprehending

Instead they are greeted with “respect” and acclaim
Is this is what happens when there is no shame?
Do we now live in a world where criminals rule?
Are we now accepting of, the deranged and the cruel?

People are protesting and objecting, but to no avail
Instead they get arrested, handcuffed, and taken to jail
Has society become so corrupt, twisted, and “contented”?
That it protects killers, and torturers and others of the demented?

Millions of dollars are spent on these globalist gatherings
They really are obscene, and definitely, downright disgusting
Meanwhile, millions are dead and millions are refugees
Because of the actions, of this gathering, of corruption and sleaze

Will there ever be justice for the victims of this gang?
Will they ever be arrested, put on trial, and defanged?
This would put an end to their murderous strategies
No more would they parade and pollute Buenos Aries

Stephen J. Gray
November 29, 2018.

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