Thursday, November 8, 2018

Remember to Remember

Remember: We need more weapons that kill, bomb, and maim
Remember: We need more enemies to continue the “war games”
Remember: We need bigger armies to fight and obey orders
Remember: We need true believers to take part in the slaughters

Remember: We must spend trillions of dollars for endless wars
Remember: We must remember, to wave flags for blood and gore
Remember: We must remember the satisfaction of “winning”
Remember: We must remember as the deaths keep mounting

Remember: We should remember the countries we destroyed
Remember: We must remember the victories of our boys
Remember: We must remember the profiteers of wars
Remember: We should remember the warmongering doers

Remember: We should remember the politicians that don’t fight
Remember: They are they ones that are, “honourable” and “upright”
Remember: Many of them voted to invade other countries
Remember: They support and “create jobs” in the war industry

Remember: We must remember those young men who died
Remember: We must remember, those left behind: that cried
Remember: We should remember, the hell that is war
Remember: If only we could ban it, and stop it, for evermore

Remember: A day might come, when it will forever end
Remember: There are nuclear weapons ready to descend
Remember: If nuclear war happens, it will be a last goodbye
Remember! There will be nothing left to remember, as humanity dies

Stephen J. Gray
November 8, 2018.

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