Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Their Victims Died...

They died and the war criminals are alive
Millions of victims that did not survive
The wars that were carried out and planned
Causing death and destruction in a number of lands

There will be no “Last Posts” sounded for the children of Yemen
Slaughtered and murdered by our warmongering “brethren”
Or for the people, and the children, of Libya, Syria, and Iraq
Many, many, victims of the war criminals attacks

There will be no ceremonies held, or wreaths laid in honour
For the aforementioned victims that were missile fodder
Their countries, cities, and homes now rubble strewn wrecks
And nobody will pray or say: “Lest we forget”

There will be no marches to a monument, for the victims murdered
Or a place to be remembered, where innocents were butchered
These “collateral damage” of wars; and killed in many lands
Will not be remembered by laying a wreath, or a marching band

There will be no dignitaries or powerful politicians that want to remember
These other victims of their illegal wars, this grief stricken November
Instead the war criminals who might attend, will be very, very, “dignified”
They will hold positions of “honour,” while the victims of their wars died

Stephen J. Gray
November 7, 2018.

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