Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Were War Criminals Present At a Ceremony in Paris?

“World leaders gathered in Paris on Sunday under the Arc de Triomphe to mark the centennial anniversary ending World War I....
“Grotesquely, as the world leaders donned solemn faces and mouthed pious platitudes for peace, the whole occasion was a triumph in burying reality and the ongoing causes of wars, as well as whitewashing the very culprits responsible for wars. Among the war criminals wearing a mournful black suit was former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who launched the NATO blitzkrieg on Libya in 2011.”
Finian Cunningham

I believe a number of those present in Paris are “war criminals” and that there is an abundance of evidence available to convict them, and others now retired from public life.
These people, I believe are responsible for millions of deaths in a number of countries, and millions of refugees, yet, they remain Free. One wonders, what will it take to put them on trial? Are they above the law? Why are they getting away with these 21 Century War Crimes?

There is so much evidence of the crimes of: “The Heinous Hypocrites and Their Fancy Titles”

Or we could call them: “The Satanic Savages in Suits and Dresses.”
Yet, these “World leaders” pretend they care while attending the ceremony in Paris to remember the “anniversary ending World War I...”

Sadly and Significantly:      

There will be no Day of Remembrance, for the dead people of Yemen
Or their slaughtered children, massacred in planned executions
Their murderers reside in a number of lands across the sea
Supplying the weapons that kill; and these war criminals are free

There will be no Day of Remembrance for the dead people of Iraq
Their country reduced to rubble by infamous attacks
The invasion of their country was based on a big lie
And the perpetrators are free, and many people still die

There will be no Day of Remembrance for the dead people of Libya
A country that was bombed by war criminals hysteria
A country now in ruins and a haven for terrorists
Some of them reportedly assisted by western war specialists

There will be no Day of Remembrance for the dead people of Syria
A country laid waste by war criminals, is that not familiar?
The plotters and planners of the decimation of that country
Parade on the world stage, and are a hellish effrontery

On their Day of Remembrance some war criminals will lay wreaths
Standing to attention in their countries, pretending sadness and grief
Will they ever be held accountable for their bloody war crimes?
Or has justice been corrupted by these dishonourable swine?

Instead, these war criminals dressed in all their finery
Are getting away with all their atrocities and treachery
Some will lay wreaths and pretend they have reverence
While their victims that are dead: will have no Day of Remembrance

“In a bitter irony, several of the World’s leaders who were ‘peacefully’ commemorating the end of World War I in Paris including Trump, Netanyahu, Macron and May are the protagonists of war in Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. 
To put it bluntly they are war criminals under international law.
They have blood on their hands.
What on earth are they commemorating?” Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, November 12, 2018

Stephen J. Gray
November 14, 2018.

Note: The links below have plenty of info on the diabolical “work” of these War Criminals.
And there is much more listed on my website. Feel free to copy and pass on.