Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Slaughter in Yemen

They are slaughtering children in Yemen
The weapons supplied by political demons
Dressed in expensive suits and dresses
These villains support these bloody excesses

Others in uniforms in a coalition of carnage
They are the ones that plot all the damage
They also guide the missiles into the victims
“Soldiers” of evil: and death is their dictum

The silence of the powerful on these war crimes
Is the silence of the guilty that need to do hard time
They are the ones that sell death and destruction
Profiteers from hell that get hellish satisfaction

Some have right honourable and honourable to their names
These “people” have no ethics, or morals, or any shame
They even dance with the buyers of the weapons they sell
While the country of Yemen becomes a living hell

Children still alive are dying of disease and Cholera
Others are starving and famine has become regular
Yemen is a monstrous crime against humanity
Can anyone stop this evil and terrible atrocities’?

The war perverts in power are accessories after the fact
They supply the weapons and the coalition attacks
They are all war criminals and this is their dirty mission
They are responsible for slaughtering children in Yemen

Stephen J. Gray
September 22, 2018.

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