Sunday, September 2, 2018

There they were...

There they were, some war criminals and some hypocrites
Praising one of their own: unctuous and complicit
The media also parroted their praise and propaganda
Making a “role model” of a “warmonger” going to the hereafter

The papers and the airwaves spread B.S. for days
If lies are told often enough, then the lies stay
Truth is not present when war criminals speak
Hypocrisy and lies bring their supporters to their feet

Applauding and nodding their heads in agreement
And on and on giving more fawning compliments
People who suffered have a very different story
Than what is portrayed by the promoters of baloney

Do we live in world today, where truth has become lies?
Are the marketers of evil dressed in a “good” disguise?
They pretend all is wonderful and that they all really care
That’s why some war criminals and some hypocrites were there

Stephen J. Gray
September 2, 2018.

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