Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Armies of the Insane

The armies of the insane inhabit the earth
Killing, bombing, destroying for all their “worth”
The price that is paid is: millions are dead
A better solution would be peace instead

But, there are no profits in promoting peace
The armies of the insane are a bloody war beast
It feeds off death, destruction, misery and blood
And millions of refugees become a never ending flood

Fleeing their countries to escape the war beast
Victims of the carnage; leaving behind their deceased
The armies of the insane continue their “progress”
Another country is a target to subdue and molest

Onward ever onward marches the armies of the insane
Obeying the orders transmitted to their “brains”
Brainwashed automatons to whom orders are “sacred”
Venerating their calling that could be called cursed

Some train the terrorists they are supposed to be fighting
Is that not treacherous or just devious and frightening?
Oh well, all is fair in love and war they might say
And everybody except the victims, “have a nice day”

Still, medals are handed out for bravery in killing
And many have joined “the coalition of the willing”
Their heroic exploits are there for all to watch and see
Just look at their “work” as distressed millions flee

Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and many, many, more
There are so many countries it’s hard to keep score
What country will be the next target of a war campaign?
Because we must keep them employed: the armies of the insane

Stephen J. Gray
August 30, 2018.

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