Saturday, December 22, 2018

The War Vampires

There are those that live and feed off war
Their profits and jobs come from blood and gore
Their companies are listed on the stock exchanges
Their shares are blood soaked and in rising price ranges

Killings and death is the results of their products
Destruction and decimation is in their code of conduct
Missiles and bombs are part of their deadly arsenals
They could be called today’s corporate cannibals

Executives dressed in expensive pin striped suits
Offices in office towers to count their war making loot
Aided and abetted by governments and politicians
They love to watch the war action in “coalitions of the willing”

They don’t participate or fight in the bloody battles
As people are slaughtered, and killed like cattle
Instead they watch on TV, countries under attack
But there is no doubt: “They are accessories after the fact”

Anyone speaking and talking of peace on earth
Drives them into a frenzy, and they fear a dearth
They can’t stand the hunger that might come to them
If all the wars stopped, they would be bloodless again

They may not pull the triggers or launch the deadly missiles
But, they are just as guilty for war crimes: but are in denial
They live off violence and killing, and for wars conspire
They are evil and dangerous they are: The War Vampires

Stephen J. Gray
December 22, 2018.

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