Friday, December 28, 2018

Slaughtering, Killing, Bombing, Maiming

Slaughtering, killing, bombing and maiming                                                  
From their mouths, they are “human rights” proclaiming
Hellish hypocrites dressed in expensive attire
While they set a number of countries on fire

Operating out of their Houses of Power
They make decisions from their ivory towers
Sending death and destruction to many lands
Millions die from their obedient helpers hands

Their helpers dressed in camouflage gear
Are conditioned to obey orders that they hear
“Yes sir, yes sir,” saluting and standing to attention
Ready for carnage and killing under direction

War slaves trained to obey their war masters
They are obedient participants in the war disasters
Some get medals for “bravely” destroying and killing
Some call this insanity: “The coalition of the willing”

This bloody “war business” of blood and gore
Continues daily on many foreign shores
The desert sands are littered with corpses
Created by these servile and willing dark forces

The profiteers of all this death and destruction
Call all this “creating jobs” and get “satisfaction”
Their hands are dirty, but they pretend they are clean
They are the “elites” that profit from the obscene

This hell on earth is a hellish conflagration
Burning up peoples, countries and nations
Victims everywhere, and the living are wailing
This is: slaughtering, killing, bombing and maiming

Stephen J. Gray.
December 28, 2018.

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