Saturday, January 5, 2019

Everywhere Evil...

Everywhere evil is running amok
Turn on the T.V. you can hear it talk
Pick up a “newspaper” and hear it exclaim
That euthanasia and abortion should be acclaimed

Houses of Power where politicians rule
Are filled with “right honourable” and “honourable” fools
You can see them cringing and cowering to evil, and the abnormal
As they pass legislation to destroy the decent, and impose the immoral

They use their countries armies as gangster hit men
Killing millions of people for their own evil ends
The profiteers of death, destruction and illegal wars
Are up to their armpits in innocent blood, and gore

Refugees are in the millions and wandering the earth
And justice for them is awaiting a rebirth
Corruption and perversion rules supreme
And parades of prideful nakedness are okay it seems

There are no “safe spaces” for normal people anymore
And the perverted and the mad have to be adored
Your children can be taught that there is no man or woman
And everything once good, is now becoming inhuman

The destroyers of childhood innocence hold sway in many lands
Could pedophilia be the next agenda of this evil band?
Smoking dope is declared legal and countries are going to pot
While the idiots in power, approve all this brain destroying rot

Words like “nation building” are used to make things sound good
As are “moving forward” and “challenging,” and other falsehoods
“National security” is another favourite of the political class
And “not in the public interest” says another political ass

Propaganda and pornography are hailed as a “right’
Bull poop from the Benches continues day and night
Judges that used to be lawyers “read in” their views
Delusion and depravity are “landmark decisions” in the news

Hate crimes can be levelled at anyone telling the truth
Are some of those in charge degenerate and uncouth?
Does this make some people afraid to make a sound?
While it is okay for the debauched to speak out, and expound

People everywhere are tax slaves for “democracy”
Will they ever realize they are prisoners of evil hypocrisy?
Are all their hard won freedoms, of present day in peril?
Because there are many more examples of: Everywhere evil

Stephen J. Gray
January 5, 2019.

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