Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Are The Mammonites/Globalists Coming to Davos in 2019?

Mammonite: “One devoted to the acquisition of wealth or the service of Mammon.”

 “President Trump on Thursday canceled his planned trip to the annual and glittering economic conference in Davos, Switzerland, [22-25 January] citing what he called the Democrats’ intransigence on his funding request to build a wall along the United States’ southern border.” Eileen Sullivan, January 10, 2019

“The 2019 event will focus on the theme, 'Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age
of the Fourth Industrial Revolution'.”

“The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is the only yearly gathering that brings together leaders of global society. The heads and members of more than 100 governments, top executives of the 1,000 foremost global companies, leaders of international organizations and relevant non-governmental organizations, the most prominent cultural, societal and thought leaders, and the disruptive voices of the Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers and Technology Pioneers come together at the beginning of each year to define priorities and shape global, industry and regional agendas.
“Participation is by invitation only and reserved for members of the Forum’s communities. The ongoing close collaboration with those communities in cooperation with a Network of Global Future Councils ensures the solution-oriented substance of the Annual Meeting. Numerous initiatives of global importance have been launched in  Davos.”

“The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters is the foremost creative force for engaging the world’s top leaders in collaborative activities to shape the global, regional and industry agendas at the beginning of each year. For over four decades, the World Economic Forum’s mission – improving the state of the world – has driven the design and development of the Annual Meeting objectives. Annual Meeting participants will come together to address the most pressing issues on the global agenda. They will do so in an exceptional atmosphere – the ‘Spirit of Davos’ – based on interdisciplinary, informal and direct interaction among peers.”

“War criminals” attend, as do arms dealers and money launderers. Also represented are the biggest head choppers in the world, as are killers of children. Financiers of death and destruction are well represented too, as were many governments, dictators, despots and “democratic” political leaders. Some of these political “leaders” at this gathering of the “great” and greedy were hoping to get “investments” in their countries from the manipulators of money.
The money system was controlled by the money changers, and some cynics wondered if Jesus were alive today, would he use a powerful cleansing solution, instead of a whip to remove these worshippers of Mammon? Who are polluting and desecrating the temple of planet earth that He created.

Oh well, they state: Their stated “mission” is “improving the state of the world.” Really!

This gathering of the “elites,” in Davos, should surely make ordinary people ask this question: Are these people really “improving the state of the world.”? Some banks listed as Davos “partners” have been accused of “money laundering” and other scandals. A number of “governments” represented at Davos, invaded and bombed countries, in “illegal” wars, and reduced these countries, and their cities and homes to smoking rubble. Millions of people are dead, millions are in refugee camps, soldiers are dead or maimed many children have lost parents and others have drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean trying to escape from these hellish wars. Therefore, should we be asking the question, do we have: “war criminals at large”? In fact, some former political leaders that attended Davos, have reportedly been called “war criminals.”

“Davos people control virtually all international institutions, many of the world’s governments, and the bulk of the world’s economic and military capabilities.” - Samuel P. Huntington

And militaristic NATO has attended “The World Economic Forum” a number of times in Davos:
“The Secretary General, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, will attend the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday 19 January and Friday 20 January 2017.”

 Davos attendee, NATO which is funded by taxpayers’ dollars has reportedly been involved in questionable activities. See links below.

Still, the participants at Davos are portrayed as one big caring family with their “global agenda” and “Globalisation.”

“A wave of populism in the Americas and in Europe has created a multi-polar landscape in which there are many different ways to look at economics and to run governments, Mr Brende said.”
“Globalisation ‘will not be stopped but it should be improved,’ he said.”

“The second day of the Blockchain Economic Forum will take a more practical approach.
“Panelists will work on the fundamentals for a global central bank, its currency and the structure necessary to make it viable.”

Gee, silly me, I thought elected parliaments and other Houses of Governments “shape” countries “agendas,” unless of course people live in dictatorships. Oh well, the worshippers of Mammon know best what is “good” for us all.
This yearly gathering in Davos of the globalists and the gullible is a sad reflection, I believe of our world today. Too much power in to few hands aided and abetted by politicians that scurry over to Davos every year to beg and grovel at the feet of the worshippers of Globalism and Mammon.

“The Globalist Agenda represents a plan to bring all of Earth's inhabitants under the control of a single, global state. There is a small, but powerful group of individuals who are the architects and instigators behind the formation and implementation of this "New World Order". Using their influence through international organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the United Nations, NATO, and hundreds of other non-governmental organizations, the objective of these internationalists is nothing less than the subjugation of everyone on the planet as servants to a one world government (servants means slaves).”

Numerous initiatives of global importance have been launched in Davos.”

“This [world economic] forum was founded in 1971, but did not become a major force until after the Cold War ended. It then became a great social whirl based on the illusion of a harmonious world conjured up by transnational business elites under the rubric of ‘globalization.’ Its real purpose, however, is to use private wealth to corrupt national leaders into betraying the interests of their people” (William R. Hawkins … Senior Fellow for National Security Studies at the U.S. Business and Industry Council).  February 01, 2006

Stephen J. Gray
January 16, 2019.

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