Friday, January 11, 2019

How Much More...

How much more are decent people going to take?
From politicians and those that are trying to society: remake
Some people are screaming for their perverted agendas
And are getting their way by promoting multiple genders

Man and woman, male and female, are words we know that are true
Now the weird word manipulators are telling us:  who is who
Other sick propagandist are attempting to brainwash our children
By saying to them all kinds of perversions are not forbidden

At one time these mad and sick types of strange people
Would have been admitted to psychiatric hospitals as unstable
Now some of them are entrenched in positions of power
And forcing and attempting normal persons to cringe and cower

What will it take before the majority say: “We’ve had enough”
“Your tantrums are over we are calling your sick guff”
“You all need help and restraints galore
We are not taking your mad and sick B.S. any more”

Stephen J. Gray
January 11, 2019.

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