Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Manipulative Media

Do the manipulative media have an agenda?
To promote only their approved chosen fervour
Thousands upon thousands March for Life
The media does not report this amazing sight

Instead they gather on their TV news platforms
Giggling, laughing, and pretending to inform
Politically correct and faithful to their agendas
B.S. promoters of all types of perverted propaganda

Numerous other marches receive endless coverage
The airwaves are blanketed with media homage
Yet millions of women and men yearly: March for Life
And media censorship of this march is appalling and rife

The slaughter of the pre-born child must not be shown
This abominable crime must remain hidden and unknown
The media and its supporters call this atrocity, “freedom to choose”
What an abomination, is this media, and its “investigative news”

Still, thinking people must ask: “If the media censor this killing by choice”?
What other issues are they censoring and not giving a voice?
Are they suffering from some kind of truth phobia?
Can anyone believe the messages from the manipulative media?

Stephen J. Gray
January 19, 2019.

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