Friday, April 3, 2020

Will the Conditioned Obey?

Will the conditioned obey, and be used, to control the masses?
Will they carry out orders, as "democracy" expires and passes?
They have been trained to destroy, bomb, kill, and detain
They attacked other countries in planned illegal war games

Now they could be used against their own countries peoples'
Would they obey, if ordered to do so, by martial law generals?
Orders are orders, is the mantra of the dictatorial military mind
Therefore, they must be obeyed, to control, a no longer free mankind

Is it really safe to give any generals this kind of power?
Are politicians a part of of this undemocratic number?
Is "democracy" just a word that we are "taught" to say?
Could we be held prisoners, by the conditioned to obey?

Stephen J. Gray
April 3, 2020.

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