Thursday, April 9, 2020

Do the Agents of Satan?

Do the agents of Satan have a diabolical plan?
To have control of the people in every land?
Are they doing this by using fear of the COVID-19 Virus?
That is loose, or has been loosed, among all that is precious

They have closed down all the Houses of Worship
They are spreading fear and dissension among us
They are separating families from visiting each other
Or having any contact with sisters, brothers, fathers or mothers

Friends and neighbours' are also deemed unapproachable
The fear of the virus has made them dangerous and perhaps inhospitable
Fear of each other must be practiced by safe distancing
And the people are doing this, and are obeying, and unquestioning

Some people are reportedly spying on, and reporting on their neighbours'
What kind of society is being birthed by the mindless and nervous?
The devil and his demons must be laughing in their hellish abodes
Now that they have the people under their thumb, with upcoming barcodes

A satanic mark on the skin is being proposed by the powerful
The mark of the beast will show if you have any health troubles
Eventually, everybody, everywhere, must have this digital wrist band?
Do the agents of Satan, have a devious, and evil diabolical plan?

Stephen J. Gray
April 9, 2020.

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