Tuesday, April 28, 2020

When War Criminals are in Charge....

When war criminals are in charge
Censorship is practiced, and is, at large
Propaganda is their daily forte, and use
Which they propagate to support their views

The masses are prisoners of their recurring lies
They pretend to be “caring”, which is a disguise
They have killed millions in bloody illegal wars
They are “saving” people from a Virus, by lock downs galore

The people are voluntary prisoners, in their own homes
Brainwashed and brayed at, by government funded, media gnomes
Who parrot their propaganda, twenty four hours a day
Who never let truth, or accuracy, get in their way

They have covered up the atrocities, and depredations, of those in power
Complicit in crimes against humanity, with these dishonorable monsters
Now these reprobates, are supposedly saving us, from a Virus at large
This is our world today, where war criminals are in charge

Stephen J. Gray
April 28, 2020.

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