Monday, April 20, 2020

The Death of Money?

The money manipulators had looted the system over many years
Then they were bailed out by the money printers who washed away their fears
Then a deadly Virus arrived: was the manipulated money system about to die?
Trillions of dollars were printed, but more were needed, was the daily cry

The money con game was finally seen for what it was, and had been
A gigantic game, of real life controlled monopoly, that the world had ever seen
The world was afloat on a huge pile of manipulated debt ridden useless paper
Had the money printers conspired and printed themselves, into a massive disaster?

Ordinary people had lost their jobs and were confined to their homes
Their predicament blamed on the Virus: their money might soon be gone
Their pension plans and their mortgaged homes might soon be all no more
Will they “thank” the money changers who made them unemployed and poor?

The money changers and the rest of their “privileged” money manipulators
Will not suffer any hardships or losses, because they are the “constructive” facilitators
The Virus will be blamed for the peoples' pain, and they will be told, “to be happy”
A “new digital system is being proposed” and "global economic governance", will replace the Death of Money?

The Group of Twenty ("G-20") nations, the new Financial Stability Board ("FSB"), and the International Monetary Fund ("IMF") are progressing on two fronts: the monitoring and revision of national and regional economic plans to facilitate global economic governance…”

... the United Nations must play a stronger role in global economic governance.”

Stephen J. Gray
April 20, 2020.

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