Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Globalists: Thank You

Thank You all for obeying the lockdown orders
That violated all your Constitutions and Charters
They were really just pieces of paper, to make you think, You had rights
Now You know they can be trashed and undermined without a fight

You made yourselves prisoners in your own towns and countries
Doing as you were told, by the politicians, media, and other forces
We, Globalists, and our New World Order, are really pleased and happy
That You accepted to be controlled, by some of our political lackeys

Some of the aforementioned, even attend some of our meetings
And to them we send our best wishes, and heartfelt greetings
Without you political puppets, oops, I mean politically honorable ones
We would not have been able to control so many apathetic humans

Now we know, when we next create a major suspension of freedoms
That You will obey, and accept whatever is our planned reasons
And, after we have all of You, vaccinated, chipped, and numbered
You will be ready once again, for another lock-down, when duly ordered

“The prisoner grows to love his chains” – Plato

Stephen J. Gray
April 18, 2020.

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