Thursday, April 23, 2020

Is There a Diabolical Plot?

Is there a diabolical plot, for control of the world and its people?
Is a Virus being used to confuse, and fool, those supposedly sensible?
Does the un-elected World Health Organization (WHO), have an agenda?
Is it a mouthpiece of the Globalists, New World Order, and a “health” member?

It appears that the world “leaders” and others are taking advice from the WHO
Then dictating to the masses, what they must accept, and what they must do
People are told they must obey orders, and stay prisoners in their homes
If they go outside, some have been arrested, for daring to walk, and roam

Millions of people have lost their jobs, and there jobs could be gone forever
The money printers are printing trillions of dollars, and the Virus is their cover
The people are getting a pittance of this printed money, from “benevolent” politicians
Are they trying to keep the people quiet with media propaganda, and accepting of their conditions?

Something very evil is being imposed on the people, and God's created earth
Is it being aided and abetted, by those in power, are they helping evil's birth?
When one sees what is happening, it could be described: “As the work of the devil”
Is there a Globalist New World Order diabolical plot, for control of the world, and its people?

Stephen J. Gray
April 23, 2020.

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