Thursday, April 16, 2020

An Imaginary Secret Speech to the Globalist Cabal

Welcome Esteemed Fraternal Brothers and Sisters, eminent persons and political puppets (oops, I mean politically honourable ones) to our latest meeting.  Before, I begin my talk I would like to say we are very thankful for the police and security presence outside our meeting place, all paid for by the tax dollars of the serfs. We live in the greatest system in the world, where the ordinary serfs are policed by ordinary serfs, and who protect us from their brother and sister serfs’ protesting our depredations and malfeasance on society, (oops, I mean our decisions on Globalization and The New World Order).  What can be more wonderful than imposed free enterprise globalism or public, private partnerships and bypassing parliamentary democracies? We saved the system after looting it (oops, I mean we stabilized it). We got bailed out by the serfs’ tax dollars then we imposed austerity on some of the serfs’ countries for services rendered. I say again, what a wonderful system we have in this planned undemocratic globalist world. Those were part of my remarks last time we met.

Now this time, we managed to lockdown the whole world using a virus as a cover for total control.The people are prisoners in their own homes and very acceptable to obeying orders. We have programmed them well.
The bankers are printing trillions of dollars, of which we get the most, but to keep the masses happy, we are giving them a pittance to keep them under control. After all, we destroyed their jobs, many small businesses will close for ever, many people will be unable to pay their mortgages, and will lose their homes. All, in all, a win, win, situation for us, we should be able to pick up the pieces of the masses massive losses, and turn them to our profit. (A huge round of applause takes place from the assembled cabal, and shouts of, "we did it" are heard.)

We will also be proposing that everybody in the world has to be vaccinated and have a security chip so that they can be kept safe at all times. We are sure the masses will accept this, as they will be told if they don't have the security chip, they won't be able to work or travel Our political puppets, oops I mean their esteemed political leaders will see that this is done. Stand up, political leaders and take a bow among our esteemed gathering. (The political leaders stand, and some wave shyly to the cabals executive.)

In closing, we have achieved our Globalist, New World Order. Now it will be put into effect as soon as we further propagandize the masses into acceptance. This should be easily done. They will be so happy to be freed from their house confinements, that they will do as they are told. We will have total control of the populations.  All we have to do to keep them in line, is to say, "the virus is back." And they will look to us, to save them once again. In closing I would like to thank our media, and our marketers, which have done an excellent job of brainwashing the masses twenty four hours a day. This surely must go down in history as the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the human race. So take a bow everyone, for a plot well done.

Stephen J. Gray
April 16, 2020.

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