Friday, April 24, 2020

Does “The New Normal” Legitimize the Abnormal?

The “new normal” is one of the latest slogans of the pandemic's propaganda pushers
Keeping people prisoners in their homes, is the solution handed down by “rulers”
The World Health Organization (WHO), is where they get their orders and advice
A taxpayer funded un-elected global monstrosity, for which we are paying a huge price

Their “new normal” has destroyed the normal, and brought the abnormal to the fore
Have they created a new virus called, “insanity rules,” and contaminated all our shores?
Has common sense become a casualty, and a victim of this “one world” bureaucracy?
Are people everywhere being held captives of “virus madness” and hypocrisy?

Liquor stores are open, as are marijuana/pot stores, and abortion clinics as well
Places of worship are closed down, is this, the “new normal,” or the road to hell?
Children are unable to go to school, or meet their friends and classmates
Families cannot visit each other or travel, unless approved by the state

Have the peoples' minds been hijacked, and have they been brainwashed as well
That they would blindly accept losing their freedoms, for what the WHO sells?
Will they start to waken up and realize, they are being ruled by something monstrous?
And that “the new normal” is not only abnormal, but definitely demeaning, and disastrous

Stephen J. Gray
April 24, 2020.

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