Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The People of Planet Earth Thought They Were Free

Most of the people of planet earth, thought they were free
After all, many of their countries were called, “democracies”
Then the Virus called COVID-19, arrived in their lands
And their world was locked down by those not, or, in command

Their so-called Constitutions and Charters of Rights, no longer meant a lot
They were just pieces of paper, that could be ignored by political despots
People were ordered like dogs to, stay, in their houses and homes
And they obeyed their “masters” but, had their cell phones: just like dog bones

The media promulgated virus propaganda twenty four hours a day
And families and their children were not allowed out to play
Visiting family or relatives was not allowed, and forbidden
And liberty and freedom, was really just imaginary, and an illusion

The World Health Organization (WHO) ,which receives taxpayers monies
Declared a pandemic had arrived in all the world's different countries
There had been viruses and pandemics in countries over the years
But, never was there a lockdown, or a huge creation of frenzy, and fear

The United Nations ( U.N.) another taxpayer funded monstrosity and a “partner” of the WHO
Was also in in support of the closing down of the planet, as was other members of this HUGE tax funded crew
The Globalists of The New World Order, were now out in the open, with their political puppets and nominees
Was COVID-19 their weapon to control the masses, while the people of the earth thought they were “free”?

Stephen J. Gray
July1, 2020.

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