Thursday, July 23, 2020

Is COVID-19 the Crime of the Century?

We are facing the greatest assault on our civil liberties in our lifetimes. The virus is real, but the government reaction is political and totalitarian. As it falls apart, will more Americans start fighting for their liberty?” Ron Paul July 20, 2020.

Is COVID-19 the crime of the century?
It has put millions of people into Penury
Lockdowns were instituted by those in control
And children were not allowed to go to school

Millions of people were now without work
Was it because of the incompetent, and official jerks?
There have been a number of viruses in years of the past
But never any lockdowns, until the present ruling class

The people were ordered to stay in their homes
Treated like dogs, and commanded not to leave or roam
The masses obeyed, and did as they were told
They gave up their freedoms, and did not revolt

Then they were told, they must wear a mask
Many did, and did not question why, and didn't even ask
There is evidence that masks can be a health hazard
But, the docile people obeyed, and did as they were ordered

It is obvious that COVID-19 is being marketed daily
It fills the news, and airwaves constantly, and arbitrarily
Only powerful people in positions of unlimited power
Could perpetrate this ongoing message that makes people cower

People were informed, if they were “allowed” to go outside
They must practice “social distancing” until the virus subsides
Meanwhile, a “virus expert” said; “The virus might never go away”
Dd he know something, about how it would never fadeaway?

There are government germ warfare labs all over the planet
Did COVID-19 escape, or did somebody or anybody plan it?
Because this Virus has become a weapon to totally control people
Has a New World Order Arrived, and are its tentacles now Global?

Thank You all for obeying the lockdown orders
That violated all your Constitutions and Charters
They were really just pieces of paper, to make you think, You had rights
Now You know they can be trashed and undermined without a fight...

Now we know, when we next create a major suspension of freedoms
That You will obey, and accept whatever is our planned reasons
And, after we have all of You, vaccinated, chipped, and numbered
You will be ready once again, for another lock-down, when duly ordered...

Stephen J. Gray
July 23, 2020.