Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Marketing of COVID-19

The marketing of the virus called COVID-19
Is an obscenity that is daily perpetrated, and screamed
The media are the pushers of this pandemic propaganda
And the planners and controllers, are the “leaders” of this “sick extravaganza”

There have been other pandemics through the years, and other viruses as well
But, never was there a world wide lockdown, that has created so much hell
Millions have lost their jobs, and millions are unemployed
This is the “work” of evil, by those in power, and of ethics devoid

But, why should anyone be surprised about what is happening
These ruling reprobates have killed millions in other surroundings
They have destroyed countries, and cities in illegal wars they planned
Now these same people, are going to “save” the people, in many lands

If people obey and accept, what these villains are saying and doing
Then they deserve what is coming, which will be their societies undoing
Why would they listen to these ruling war criminals that have slaughtered millions?
Yet, they do, and dutifully make themselves prisoners, of these bandits imposing restrictions

Do they not realize that they have capitulated, to those that are virus terrorists
That are controlling their lives, aided by word twisting media propagandists
This is a war on people of the planet, by those who have a dirty hands, and are unclean
I believe it is a diabolical plot, by the Globalists of the New World Order, who are marketing COVID-19

“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.” Leonardo da Vinci  

Stephen J. Gray
July 16, 2020.

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