Friday, May 22, 2020

The Enemies of Freedom

The enemies of freedom are in control
Is World Government their diabolical goal?
Their plans have now reached culmination
They imposed a lockdown on every nation

They used COVID-19 as a camouflage
Saying they would “fight” its passage
Now they are using it as an excuse for more surveillance
On all the planet's peoples in every world nation

Their political puppets in many world countries
Are their “useful idiots” imposing effronteries
Shutting down churches and other places of worship
Liquor and marijuana stores are open for “fellowship”

Abortion chambers are also allowed to remain open
Killing the pre-born child is still a “choice” and not verboten
Schools were all closed down and childrens education was halted
Playgrounds and parks were also no goes, and freedom was assaulted

Many people had their surgeries and appointments postponed
The Virus had “priority” and other illnesses were “disowned”
People were prisoners in their homes and other living quarters
Treated like dogs, that could be told to “stay” and obey orders

Travel was suspended, and visits to families was not “approved”
Self Isolation” was the message in the medias' propaganda news
The media are the mouthpieces for the “ruling” political puppets
Some of them taxpayer funded and the politicians conduits

The politicians are on daily power trips, and thinking people are fed up
Many are wondering if the time has come to say: “They have had enough”
Has the moment come, to refuse to obey, this “democratic” totalitarianism?
And end this COVID-19 captivity, imposed by the enemies of freedom

A fearful, indoctrinated populace is a populace that is easy to control.”

Stephen J. Gray
May 22, 2020.

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