Thursday, May 7, 2020

They Killed The Economies...

They killed the economies because of a yearly Flu
Did the World Health Organization (WHO), tell them too?
The unelected WHO, was obeyed by the political classes
And millions of jobs were lost because of these asses

The politicians are “comfortable” in having more power
Now the people are suffering and not allowed to gather
Are the insane and the incompetent, now in charge and in control?
And will the masses continue to listen, and do as they are told?

A dictatorship of “democracy” has now been instituted
Bailouts of trillions of dollars are handed out, and perhaps looted
The financial system was looted a few years ago, in the past
Is this another monetary scam to cover the money changers ass?

Will the people wake up and realize this could be a con?
To control and make them feel, losing freedom is not wrong
That they are in the “good hands” of their political “leaders”
And too keep accepting the propaganda of their daily deceivers?

There has been some pandemics and pathogens in the past
And the world did not shut down, nor was Freedom bypassed
Is this Virus being used to impose a number of planned ideologies?
Is this why the elites and their puppets destroyed the economies?

Stephen J. Gray
May 7, 2020.

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