Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Dictators of Virus Madness

They shutdown the world and destroyed its economies
The dictators of virus madness “legitimized” insanity
The “leaders” of countries took orders from the unelected WHO
The World Health Organization (WHO), and its “dictatorial” crew

Why do people bother electing political parties and leaders?
When an unelected, “health organization,” dictates orders?
Now politicians in many countries have destroyed their economies
By following the orders of these bureaucratic, medical liabilities

Millions of jobs have been lost in countries world wide
Who is responsible for this madness and job genocide?
Is it the politicians that obeyed, these appointed WHO disasters?
Are people everywhere suffering, because of these WHO supporters?

People are prisoners in their own homes, cities, and countries
Ordered to do so by politicians, and other power mad bullies
Some cannot visit their families, relatives or grandchildren
Is common sense, decency, and freedom, no longer a conviction?

Meanwhile the money printers and their grovelling political sycophants
Are handing out trillions of dollars, but the ordinary people get a pittance
Is this, “thirty pieces of silver” to bribe the people into accepting lockdowns?
And to keep them under control and make sure there is no angry showdowns?

The media propaganda pushers are busy twenty four hours a day
Making sure the masses get the message, and do as the dictatorial politicians say
The airwaves are filled with “Thank You” for remaining prisoners at home
And practicing “social distancing” should You decide to walk or roam

Will the people ever say that “they have had enough of this forced insanity”?
And break free from their self imposed chains, and take back their humanity
Because there is no doubt, there is an evil at large, and imposing its sickness
Has the time come to break free, from the Dictators of Virus Madness?

Stephen J. Gray
May 13, 2020

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