Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Who Done It?

Who plotted or planned this lockdown of the Planet?
Was it just another yearly flu that arrived and panicked it?
Was it something serious that needed immediate attention?
Should the World Health Organization (WHO) get “honorable” mention?

There were no lockdowns in any previous flu pandemics
Now this one is declared as dangerous and systemic
There is reported evidence that death data is being manipulated
And there are other reports that this flu panic is overstated

The WHO reportedly told governments what had be done
And the politicians started dictating to everybody and everyone
The people obeyed, their political “dictators,” orders and commands
And became voluntary prisoners in their own homes and lands

It was an exercise in successful mass brainwashing some might say
And the media belted out propaganda twenty four hours a day
Millions of jobs were lost and economies were destroyed
Trillions of dollars were printed for the “bailout” by the money printing “boys”

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” is a well known phrase
And so the world's peoples' became prisoners in the human race
Their jailers were those in power, who told them not to fear or panic
Was Freedom now in invisible chains to something evil and horrific?

Who created this Virus is the question that must be asked?
Or was it just yearly flu, or something more deadly and masked?
Who would want to do such evil to the people of the earth?
Are some people making money off this abominable curse?

The fallout from this marketed mayhem of Virus information
Has caused world wide fear, human suffering, and devastation
There needs to be an investigation to see if this was deliberate
There are many questions, that need answers about, Who done it?

“The ultimate international authority for infectious diseases is the World Health Organization (WHO). Because of its acceptance by the world’s national governments...”

Stephen J. Gray
May 12, 2020.

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