Sunday, July 1, 2012

Did I see a hypocrite on Canada Day?

Did I see a hypocrite on Canada Day?
By Stephen J. Gray

Did I see a hypocrite on Canada Day?
Was he wrapping himself in our flag after preparing to sign our sovereignty away?
His sycophantic followers praised his treacherous dealings
Too stupid or scared to show their real feelings

Blind allegiance was the forte of this political choir
They bent and grovelled to his every desire
Is our great country being signed away in secret?
Are transnational corporations going to benefit?

To hell with the people seems to be the direction of the planners
As they raise their multiple “free trade” banners
Will parliament be laughed at and perhaps ignored?
As our resident hypocrite courts the corporate boards

For make no mistake once sovereignty is lost
It would be at an enormous cost
Europe is but one example where deals were signed
Will traitors rule for their own kind?

Are we going to consent to secret deals?
And let one man do as he feels
Or are we going to strenuously object?
And tell this guy we are not his subjects

If we care about our country
We must demand an end to this effrontery
This guy has to be firmly controlled and told
That we the people don’t want our country betrayed and sold

Stephen J. Gray
July 1,2012.

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