Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Doomed Society

The Doomed Society
By Stephen J. Gray

In the doomed society they killed their young by abortion and called the depraved act a “choice.”
There was a motion in parliament to discuss, “when life begins,” but many politicians and political parties, some trade union leaders and others, including some in the medical community were dedicated to opposing this motion on “when life begins.” It appeared that this knowledge was not wanted in this so-called “democracy” and some did not want it even discussed. What does that say about them and free speech?
Yet, scientific knowledge that life begins at conception, is reported in medical journals. Now there was a report in a medical journal that asked should “therapeutic homicide,” be performed? What started as killing by “choice” on abortion appeared to be graduating to killing by “choice” on the old, infirm, sick and unwanted?

In the doomed society some people marched in parades of pride. Some were naked and made obscene gestures. Politicians and police chiefs had been known to participate in these parades and thousands gathered to watch. The news media gave pride of place to these parades on TV news and the newspapers gave gushing coverage. One newspaper reported this “parade of pride” as a family friendly affair. Corporate logos could be seen in the parades as were some trade union logos as well.  This was a society where anything goes! Men were “marrying” men and women were “marrying” women. This was called “same-sex marriage” and those who opposed it were called bigots and anti “equality.” Some people were asking if the excesses and madness of Ancient Rome had been re-incarnated to a so-called “civilization?"

In the doomed society the financial system had become corrupted. Thieving and fraud had become “legitimate” by those who were too big and too powerful to fail. Banks were bailed out with tax-payers dollars and taxpayers themselves did not qualify for bailouts. Their role in the scheme of things was to be beasts of burden and to be herded into debt slavery by those who controlled the system. Meanwhile, those who had crashed the system advised governments and told the debt slaves that they must learn to live with less. This was called austerity and it was imposed by the International Moneychangers Fund {IMF) which in turn was financed by the debt slaves’ tax dollars.

In the doomed society endless wars were promoted and approved by “respectable experts” who did not fight, but encouraged others to do their dirty work. The search for enemies was ongoing and constant. Some dictators were classed as “friends” and “allies” while others were described as “pariahs” after being “friends” at one time. Hypocrisy was the forte of the so-called “international community,” and young soldiers died or were maimed and crippled fighting these wars.  Cities and countries along with their civilian populations were decimated. War was good business for the corporate conglomerates, and arms dealers who had been known to supply both sides with weapons. The bloodstained profits were enormous for the elites and the misery of the victims was hell on earth. The war propagandists in the media and the political establishment called the atrocities of war “bringing democracy” and “responsibility to protect.” The language had become perverted in order to promulgate killing and destruction.

In the doomed society ethics, principles and morality had long since vanished. Capitalism and communism had a “strategic partnership.” One political leader received two pandas as a gift on loan. Some people wondered had these two pandas sealed the loss of a country’s sovereignty? Big business courted the communists and other dictators and they also placed profits before patriotism.  Forgetting that old saying, “he who sups with the devil should have a long spoon.”

In the doomed society truth had become lies and lies had become truths. The language had become debased and the written word twisted. Evil was marketed by the “experts” as a “good.” Political and big business propaganda was sold as “creating jobs.” The publicity business and marketers had a field day manipulating messages of support for communist dictators. The “news” was parroted by purveyors of propaganda and the people were lied to and spied on by those in power. Cell phones were bugged and personal computers too, credit cards tracked every purchase and driving licences were chipped. And the words of an old song were coming true: “freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

Stephen J. Gray
July 29, 2012.
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