Friday, August 3, 2012

The Proposed Takeover of Nexen by Chinese Communists (SOE) And The Dismantling of The Canadian Wheat Board(CWB)

The Proposed Takeover of Nexen by Chinese Communists (SOE) And The Dismantling of The Canadian Wheat Board(CWB)
By Stephen J. Gray

"In just 12 short hours, the doors to marketing freedom will, at long last, be opened," said Minister Ritz. "The Harper Government has delivered on our long-standing commitment to give western wheat and barley farmers the same freedom to make business decisions that other farmers in Canada have long enjoyed." [1]

The Harper government has formed a “strategic partnership” with Communist China, and we see “free enterprise” political and business leaders and some media pundits praising this “partnership” of communism and capitalism. Big business invests in communist China while shutting down plants in democratic countries. The latest business deal being praised by some is the proposed takeover of Nexen by China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) a State Owned Enterprise (SOE). Yet, the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) government monopoly was broken up, to let the marketplace decide and give freedom to Canadian farmers.

“Welcome to grain marketing freedom day” Stephen Harper [2]

The CWB monopoly was disbanded by the Harper government believing that the market place should be open for competition and who would argue with that. Yet, this is the same Mr. Harper that consorts with communist dictators and forms a “strategic partnership” with them. Does Harper say one thing then do another?  We have a communist monopoly, SOE, bidding for Nexen. Does this sound like “marketing freedom day?” At least the CWB was in Canadian hands?  If the takeover of Nexen is allowed Canadian resources will be in communist hands! Could that be called, “marketing freedom day?”

“Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said that he was aware of interest in buying the government-controlled CWB, although he said it was too soon to consider a takeover.”[3] (emphasis added)

It would appear that the Canadian “government controlled CWB” is over according to P.M. Harper. Yet, the State Owned Enterprise (SOE) of the communist government is open for “business.” Are we seeing “animal farm” politics taking place?   Are communists “more equal” than Canadian farmers? If the dismantling of the CWB was to bring freedom to farmers then surely the question has to be asked: Where is the freedom if Canada allows a communist SOE takeover of Nexen and Canadian resources? Does hypocrisy rule? We see the Canadian farmer freed from the CWB. Yet, there are those in power who wish to “partner” with communist China while spouting “freedom.”  The Epoch Times, of July 25, 2012 said this:

“David Harris, former chief of strategic planning for CSIS and director of the international and terrorist intelligence program at Insignis Strategic Research in Ottawa, said Canada needs to remember that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) maintains a tight grip on state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and has no qualms about using them to whatever end it deems necessary.”[4]

In closing, one has to ask if it’s okay to get rid of, “the government-controlled CWB”  that Stephen Harper has called an "oppressive monopoly," [5] then will be it okay for a communist government, State Owned Enterprise (SOE) to takeover Nexen? Or is that not an "oppressive monopoly?" The answer to that is in the hands of Stephen Harper and his “free enterprise” Tories!

Stephen J. Gray
August 3, 2012.